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the process

a perfect loaf

Creating my sourdough bread begins with nurturing a robust starter, akin to tending to a cherished baby. I meticulously feed it daily, ensuring its strength for the task of leavening a perfect loaf.

With only water, organic flour, and salt, my bread boasts simplicity and purity—no secrets, just wholesome ingredients.

The baking process spans two days, allowing the dough to ferment gracefully. Timing is everything in sourdough; after months of honing, the results speak for themselves.

Once you taste the hot, crispy perfection fresh from the oven, there’s no turning back from the allure of homemade. Consider yourself warned: my sourdough may just become your newest obsession!

the art of sourdough

  • Classic Sourdough 825g / $15

My sourdough is made with just three simple ingredients: organic wheat flour, water, and salt. No weird stuff added, just pure goodness! 

White chocolate and blueberries sourdough
  • White chocolate & Blueberries 925g / $18

Classic sourdough with the addition of Belgian white chocolate and blueberries

  • Sourdough Starter 50g / $5

Organic sourdough starter, now available for sale. This robust starter will help you bake artisanal bread at home with ease!

The the texture is everything. The crunch is magnificent. The bread doesn’t need anything on it. It’s like a party in the mouth!

Kris Roeder Friedman