Handcrafted Indulgence
the process

a perfect macaron

Macarons, those little delights, can be a tricky endeavor in the kitchen, often defying even the most skilled bakers. Yet, their exquisite taste makes the challenge worthwhile.

Preferring natural ingredients, I forgo artificial colors, focusing instead on vibrant fillings with hues derived from nature itself. Using only premium Belgian chocolate and fresh fruit purees, my ganache fillings elevate each bite. Occasionally, I add a hint of fine spirits for an extra touch of sophistication…

Macaron flavors

Try the delicate flavor of our artisanal macarons! Handcrafted with the finest ingredients and irresistible flavors. 

  • Bailey's 12 / $50

    Macarons filled with Belgian milk chocolate ganache infused with Bailey's.

  • Burbon 12 / $50

    Macarons filled with Belgian dark chocolate ganache infused with burbon with a hint of orange.

  • Coffee 12 / $50

    My coffee macarons are rich in flavor! Filled with decadent Belgian milk chocolate ganache infused with freshly brewed espresso coffee and a hint of Kahlua.

  • Pistachio 12 / $50

    Macarons filled with Belgian white chocolate and pistachio ganache.

  • Hazelnut 12 / $50

    Macarons filled with Belgian white chocolate and hazelnut ganache.

  • Banana & caramel 12 / $50
  • Black Currant 12 / $50

    Macarons filled with black currant and white chocolate ganache.

  • Lemon 12 / $50
  • Mango 12 / $50
  • Raspberry 12 / $50
  • Strawberry 12 / $50

    Filled with strawberry white chocolate ganache, crafted with fine Belgian white chocolate and fresh strawberry puree.

Don’t see a flavor you like? Let us know and we’ll make it for you!

Let’s talk about those cookies for a minute. I didn’t really think you could top the bread but they were like little explosions of joy in every bite...

Kris Roeder Friedman