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Art of Cake Tampa is a private, home based cake studio, specializing in custom cakes that stand out in design, flavor, and texture. Unlike the typical cakes found at popular chain stores, our creations are genuinely unique in every aspect.

By collaborating on the design process, we guarantee that your cake reflects your individuality! To ensure a perfect match, I will inquire about your style, desired number of servings, preferred colors, and overall vision for the design.

While you can share cake images you love, rest assured that I’ll create a design exclusively for you, avoiding replication of other artists’ work.

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Since each design is customized, prices vary; however, there is a minimum order of $150 for celebration cakes and $500 for wedding cakes. Fondant-covered cakes start at $10.00 per serving, while buttercream-covered cakes start at $8.00 per serving. These initial prices are for basic cake flavors with minimal decoration. Most of the custom-designed cakes showcased in my galleries fall within the $8 to $10 per serving range.

I use only the best ingredients—gourmet Belgian chocolate, buttermilk, heavy cream, sweet cream butter, fresh fruits, and real Madagascar vanilla beans. Every recipe is freshly prepared for my customers with top-quality, real ingredients and flavors. I prioritize sourcing local, organic ingredients that maintain their freshness and integrity. I create my own vanilla bean paste, salted caramel, and fruit compotes to infuse my cakes and buttercreams with rich flavor. My buttercreams are made exclusively with all-butter recipes, never with shortenings. While these premium ingredients may come at a higher cost, they ensure that my customers receive the highest quality and most delicious products possible.

To officially reserve your date, a 50% non-refundable retainer and a signed contract are required. Payment in full is due 30 days prior to the event date.

All dates are considered available until the signed contract and retainer are received. It’s worth noting that I personally handcraft every sugar flower, detail, and design element for each cake. Therefore, I limit the number of cakes I take on per week to ensure full attention to each order, and dates tend to fill up quickly. Availability is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Until your non-refundable 50% retainer is received, dates remain open for other orders that may submit their retainer first.

Typically, I book appointments 3-6 months in advance during off-peak wedding seasons and 12-18 months in advance for peak wedding season dates. Please reach out as soon as you have your event date to inquire about availability.

Industry standard cake servings that are used as guidelines for caterers and reception venues for cutting and serving cakes are 1″ wide x 2″ deep and 4″ tall. My cakes are taller than industry sized standards, usually between 5 – 5.5″ in height per tier. It is better to overestimate and have leftover cake than to underestimate or have a generous cake cutter and run out of cake. Popular cake sizes serve the following based on the standard guidelines listed above:

6″ round = 12 servings                                          8″ round = 20 servings

10″ round = 36 servings                                       12″ round = 52 servings

Our privately owned studio is located in Lithia, Florida. We’re a home-based cake studio catering to the vibrant communities of greater Tampa areas.

Local delivery within a 15-mile radius of our studio is included in the price quote for your custom cake. Delivery beyond this radius is available upon request for a predetermined fee for all other orders. Please contact us with your event location for a delivery quote.

One-tier cakes and other sweets can be picked up at our studio. Please be aware that once your cake leaves our studio, you assume full responsibility for its delivery. We cannot be held liable for any damage to the cake or other baked goods once they are in your possession.

Pick-up times for single or 2 tiered cakes are scheduled at the time an order is placed. Please note that there will be a $25 fee for every 30 minutes you are late for your cake pickup.

We offer vegan cakes made from recipes that can be adapted to suit vegan dietary preferences.

 I take great pride in my work and am in business solely to provide you excellence in taste and in art. 

Once a cake has been picked up by you or a designated party it is considered “accepted” and a waiver must be signed. All product is the responsibility of the customer once it leaves my premises. 

It is my pleasure to provide a custom work of cake art for you and your loved ones! 

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